Those who have given up everything and have only God, are special souls. In the land of Vraja, we find many people who have taken shelter there to live a life dedicated to spirituality. Often they are poor. Their roofs have holes, and while they are trying to cultivate a heart as wide as the world, the world around them often does not widely support them. Thus their basic needs are not even taken care of.  

Although Vraja is a place of pilgrimage, visited yearly by millions of pilgrims, there is unfortunately little awareness about the environment. The land of Vraja, spoken about in the scriptures, is full of flower bearing trees. The river water is liquid nectar. But today Vraja looks different. There is a lot of garbage everywhere, waste-water flows into the holy rivers and the lakes are polluted. Plastic – not jewels and emeralds – lies everywhere. The trees are cut indiscriminately, etc. Something needs to be done to safeguard this holy place which has inspired people throughout the ages.

Braj Care is a small charity operating in the area of Vraja (Vraja is locally pronounced as “Braj”). These are the three areas where we are trying to contribute towards concerning the development of the human, cultural and environmental situation:

giving medical help and nutrition to widows and

   sadhus (A sadhu is a person who has dedicated

   his/her life to the service of God and humanity)

improving the living conditions of widows and


cleaning and protecting the environment

restoring and protecting the cultural heritage by

   taking care of neglected holy places

In our work, we are also networking with other individuals and organizations who are trying to restore Vraja to its original beauty.


It would be wrong to say that the social and environmental crisis in Vraja has affected its spiritual potency.  The spiritual dimension of Vraja lies beyond the eye of the camera and the material world.  It is truly recognized within a sincere and purified heart. However that does not mean that we should close one eye to the poor material conditions.  Let us join hands and hearts to work together and restore Vraja, the earthly home of Lord Krishna, to its original beauty and support its residents.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web Page and we sincerely look forward to serve Vraja together

Your Braj Care Team